Lee Lacocca 150 150
Lee Lacocca

“John is a respected friend, successful entrepreneur and business executive who also has an excellent understanding of the human condition.  A must read for anyone who has taken the journey…

Harvey Mackay 150 150
Harvey Mackay

“John Goodman’s account of his self-searching journey is compelling reading for any business person who seeks work-life balance. As he says, ‘There are no limits in life except those we…

Louis Freeh 150 150
Louis Freeh

“John Goodman has delivered an outstanding and dynamic read of his life’s journey, full of passion, decency and happiness. Through triumph and challenge, John has truly lived a life worth…

Jerry Greenfield 150 150
Jerry Greenfield

“From social to personal responsibilities, John exemplifies the new breed of soulful CEOs. His ‘Road to Self’ clearly describes how we can learn from others and learn from nature. John’s motives…

Midwest Book Review 150 150
Midwest Book Review

“An inherently absorbing, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and candidly personal work, ‘The Road to Self: Reflections from a Soulful CEO’ is a very worthwhile and ultimately inspiring read that is very highly recommended for…

Nasser J. Kazeminy 150 150
Nasser J. Kazeminy

“With this book, John Goodman is not only sharing his insights as a successful CEO and entrepreneur, he is sharing his personal journey. Leadership is a learned quality, and with…

Ann Bancroft 150 150
Ann Bancroft

“Through his candid journey of lessons discovered in life and work, John gives us the gift to readily apply them to our own lives. Like any long expedition, the lessons…

Norm Coleman 150 150
Norm Coleman

“To know John Goodman is to love him. He is seen by those who know him as one of the kindest and most generous beings on the planet. In this…

Steven Schussler 150 150
Steven Schussler

“John Goodman’s book, ‘The Road to Self’, is an amazing journey on the lessons of life with incredible analogies to life in every chapter. What John shares in great undertones is that…

Rudy Boschwitz 150 150
Rudy Boschwitz

“Few, who have attained the measure of success that John Goodman has, share their own bumpy road of life that we all experience. That makes ‘The Road to Self’ particularly important. Those…

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